I'll go to the library with you tomorrow.

His hair is black in color and long.

Lenora chased the thief.

Sheila is out.

He prides himself on having been accepted into our football team.

The boy passed the time by flinging stones into the lake.

I'll be right upstairs.

I thought you lived with Honzo.

Do you know any good restaurant near here?

Karl is just watching television.

Maybe Ramsey has already done what he was supposed to do.

The boy began to make noise.

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Get off of Sherman.

Are you still seeing the same girl?

Cross the bridge.

Lorraine and Amanda speak only French with their children.

That is not what they are going to talk about.


Casey and the others arrived late last night.

It seems to me that something is wrong.

No one listened.

I bet I'm not the only one who knows how to do this.

Good evening.

Sanand could be right.

It's a nice change.

Such a business failure would sink any company.

You have too much time on your hands.

This tissue has been irreversibly damaged.

The first one leaves at 17.30 and arrives at 20.25.

I have a thirteen-year-old son.

I owe my life to him.

Let's give that a try.

Ideas don't really have a home on the ground, they float in the air between people.

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Irfan tried to speak, but he couldn't.

"Where will we go for lunch?" "Phil, you decide. I can't. "

I was often at odds with my parents.

I arrested one.

I'm planning to stay at my uncle's place.

We've got plenty of money.

He tried to give up smoking several times, but failed.

Founded in 1902, the Bureau of Reclamation planned and built the water projects that made it possible for people to settle the desert Southwest.

That gold ring belonged to my mother.


Tuna and her family came to the train station to see us off.

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Whom are you speaking of?

They remained in Tennessee.

What are we going to do for food?

What dwells in the mind is seen in the dream.

I thought I told you to stay away from my computer.


He took medical advice.

I'll do whatever Micheal asks of me to do.

I love chicken.

I can always sleep no matter where I am.

I have more important things to do this afternoon.

The story is founded on tradition.

Have you ever been on a helicopter?

It is a luxury cruise.

The question now is when.

An old person is a bridge between the past and the present.

We're sociable.


Nelken is very efficient.

Juliane tried to win Jos's heart.

I swear to God this is true.

Lar caught a mosquito between his thumb and first finger.

A strong veteran, having trained for tens of years, can fall to a weakling in a moment of laxness. That's what the martial arts world is.

Wait for me next to that tree.

Fletcher was quite motivated.

This is technically impossible.

Where is the arrivals hall?


There is no time like the time when you and I were young.

I thought we agreed to consult each other before we made any major decisions.

How did Spike convince you to come?


When was this car washed?


You're not the only one who knows how to do that.

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This is the TV station where my uncle works as an announcer.

Celeste is a firefighter.

Natraj rushed into the bathroom.


Why did he stop smoking?

Bernard was surprised to see me.

I never minded all that much.

You need not have called me.

And thus he failed the exam.

Come along with us if you like.

Do you want to go out tonight?

She would be better off without you.

A child was washed away by the wave!


It is no more than half a mile to the sea.

I listened to Beethoven's piano concertos not only for an hour, but more than that!

Izumi's dog ate the breadcrumbs.

Don't interfere with matters that do not concern you!

I don't think I'll pass this exam.


Everybody pulled their socks up, yeah.

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We'd better get a move on or we'll be late.


Those are all false judgments, you take it all wrong.

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This looks like a good spot.

When did Think get to Boston?

Where does this self-confidence come from?

The man is right.

Where should I put the tray?


He gave up going abroad.

Benjamin and Liz bought their granddaughter a bike for Christmas.

It is you that are responsible for the accident.

I listen to music while I'm jogging.

Another day passed, and the hussar recovered completely.

Manny told me he likes Chinese food.

There are about 1000 students at our high school.


After she had passed her driving test, she bought a car.

Utterly different from Jesper was his friend John, who was kind and benevolent.

That was mine.

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I almost forgot that it was his birthday.

It was the only way.

The bird quivered its wings.

I don't live in Boston anymore.

Breast self-examinations are no longer recommended by doctors.

Most Hollywood movies have happy endings

These are the best bags on the market.

She lost her job because of her careless remark.

I don't feel up to it.

The older we grow, the less innocent we become.

I thought I'd go with them.

Luis gets home after 10:00 p.m. every day except Sunday.

I think they were talking about you.

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Mother was busy getting ready for dinner.

Nigel loves chili.

Glenn and others digitized about 200 books and put them online for free access.

Benson lost no time answering the letter.

I finally found time to sit down and read the newspaper.

You're the only one who was able to escape from the burning building.

When will lunch be ready?

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Lance is sharp.

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That man said his name was Spudboy.


I don't date.

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He hammered at the window.

Call them this evening.

My field of study is linguistics.

Judith went out for a walk.

Klaus has recently returned from Australia.

I want you put in prison.

Sofia drank coffee while Mwa smoked a cigarette.


They seem busy.

Did Mott say anything about this to you?

He has no capacity to be a teacher.

That would've been smart.

She quickly shut the kitten into a basket.


Romain is very diplomatic, isn't he?

This doesn't mean anything.

I'm waiting for you to apologize.

This book belongs to the library.

He used chopsticks in an awkward way.

Pria drowned in his bathtub.

You almost didn't get offered the job.

Fish abounds in the ocean.

The professor made sure the test was checked carefully.

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Ramon flipped through the magazine.

Where is the Egyptian embassy?

Randell is quite serious, isn't he?

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That's why I came back.

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I know you're pretty interested in Graeme.

Dewey isn't a millionaire yet.

She watched him eat.

I was told that we couldn't swim here.

If I were you, I wouldn't have done that.

It's not as humid today as it was yesterday.

What are you mad at me for?

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We run into each other quite often.

You don't make it easy.

Christopher Columbus did not find fame. It was fame who found Christopher Columbus.

All kidding aside, it may work.

The car left a cloud of dust behind it.

Did I blow it?

She put her head out of the window.